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Miss Fashionetta™

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For 2023, the Miss Fashionetta™ theme is Perfectly Poised:  Soaring to New Heights!  

Since December 2022, the contestants have been Perfectly Poised as they engaged in activities in our mentorship program. These young ladies were actively immersed in civics, various forms of the arts, cultural enrichment and our natural environment, all while gaining awareness and self-confidence. The culmination of their engagement with the program is the pageant on May 6, 2023. In celebration of their hard work friends, family, mentors, etc. have shared the following digital advertisements. 

Enjoy these highlights of the Perfectly Poised contestants of Miss Fashionetta™ 2023! 

Meet our 2023 Miss Fashionetta 
Digital Cover Girls

Moriah & Naomi L. (front cover)-1.jpeg

Moriah and Naomi Lopez: LaPetite Miss Fashionetta contestants


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